Advertisers pay for results.
Customers get paid.

Advertisers: What if advertising were easier and cheaper?

It's tough to find the right place to advertise your business. Our town-specific websites can help. Whether you want to reach customers within a certain radius of your business, or attract regional attention, we can accommodate you.

Text-only online ads are simple to develop and don't require expensive graphic design services. Our PFR (Pay for Results) Ads have no upfront fee: you'll pay only when a customer transaction is verified, and your exposure is limited via a weekly budget.

Learn more about what we mean by "pay for results."

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Customers: What if shopping with nearby merchants earned you cash back?

We all want to support the small businesses in our region that are the economic engines of our towns. But it isn't always easy to take the time to try new places or services.

What if you could earn cash back just by trying local restaurants and stores? Now you can. Just go to your town's ShopHereGETPAIDSM site, claim cash back ($0.25 to $1; some businesses offer more), and make a purchase with that business following any guidelines they stipulate. Make sure your cash back is verified. When your cash back balance reaches $10 or more, request a check. It's really that simple!

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